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Hello, welcome to my personal website! I wish I could be let you to like my photos, and if you like its pls give me and coser a smile!

MikazukiMunetika - E

Shishioh - Kin

B&W Rohan Kisibe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Coser: 二師兄 and 小隱

Assistant: 牛好濕

とうらぶ - いちごひとふり x つるまるくになが

Coser: BO & E

Assistant: G-boy


It's too fun to shoot at the white studio, but not enough idea this time. 

Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier

Coser: 雪緋

Assistant: 班*2

なまずおとうしろう - Yin
ほねばみとうしろう - Wei
いちごひとふり - Zoe
ごこたい - Liu Teacher

Ten Count

Tadaomi Shirotani - BO

Riku Kurose - E

Super Lovers

海棠晴 - NuNu

海棠零 - A-Ni

Sinon of Gun Gale Online

Coser: 小光

Assistant: 小雉


The two days before, I have gotten the model of Sinon that plan on sell in July-2015. 

Its model was slender, wow ~ so happy to got it. If I have time I will take some photos for it.

ラブライブ! School idol project X 絢瀬 絵里(あやせ えり)

Coser: 淳

Assistant: Wolf, E, Ka


Thanks for 淳 came to Kaohsiung from Taipei via High Speed Rail. 

And I have got big news that is 淳  is a chatterbox, her voice around my ears all day. XDDDD






Coser: M and Q


Kogitsunemaru - Bo
MikazukiMunetika - E

Assistant: GrandmaKA & G


Ouch, I still no idea how to post production these photos.....so that I have let it on the draft two months ago.

いまのつるぎ - とうらぶ




Coser - Yin


We got awesome photos on that day,thanks for Yin took a taxi to filming locations on the rainy day. 

Love Live! School Idol Project

Eri Ayase - Sami Ka


Lacus Clyne of SEED DESTINY

CN- 瓦


Love Live! School Idol Project

Eri Ayase - 希
Nozomi Tojo - 粽


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